Artifact Vineyard and Winery

Highland Valley, San Diego, CA


Artifact Vineyard and Winery is a boutique family owned and operated estate winery. We are dedicated to biodynamic farming principles and focused on producing top quality wines from Rhone varietals including Grenache Noir, Grenache Blanc, Syrah, Roussanne, Marsanne, Mouverdre and Viognier.

We also grow a limited quantity of olive trees which are primarliy Mission, however, we have recently planted Arbequina and Lucca/Frantoio varietals.

Our 30-acre estate is located in Highland Valley which is part of the San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve. At an elevation of 850', our east-west valley is fortunate to have maritime influences supplying cooling breezes.  In the growing season, we often have a 30 degree temperature varience between night and day. 

The oak filled walley in which we are located has a rich history of culture and cultivation.  Indigenous Indian pottery shards along with 90 year-old Muscat of Alexander vines that have survived by tapping into ground water are scattered about our estate.  Our Indian "artifacts" have been curated and now reside in the San Bernadino Indian Museum and our Muscat vines have been trellised and are in now in production.